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The award goes to the company who has successfully created a happy and successful workforce through staff recruitment, training and development, the working environment, staff benefits and initiatives resulting in staff retention / reduction in staff turnover. Luke Browning - software engineer, case study for Jatech formed an important part of the entry.

'Jatech isn't just about sorting out endless IT problems for clients and designing systems that work like a dream, rather than a nightmare. We have a friendly collaborative approach to jobs and problem solving, drawing on the experience of the team, learning new skills and gaining appropriate qualifications to stay up to date and ahead of the game.

The guys can really make IT an Asset, rather than a liability for organisations.

The business is flexible regarding location with remote or home working an option using browser based technology. Similarly working times to suit an individual's situation are allowed. A previous employee from Stonehouse HQ, now works from his base in New Zealand as a contractor, and getting jobs done overnight has actually worked extremely well for key customers.

Jatech also has a family friendly approach for people's commitments to children, partners and parents. Part time working is also offered to fit with things like school pickups, academic and sporting endeavours.

The social side is good too. I've been flying with the MD who is a qualified pilot, which is something I've never done before.  The Operations Director plays bass guitar in a band that been on tour in Germany over half term. Lots of the team have been canoeing on rivers and Stroud Pool for training first. We've all danced the night away at a our Christmas bash, and just managed to distract my girlfriend from catching the bouquet at a colleague's wedding!'

The business was set up 16 years ago by Jeff Tyndall following years of post graduate experience in  Hardware engineering  plus  Applied Mathematics for Business and Engineering.

Jatech has quite a low profile even in Stonehouse, where it is based on Springfield industrial estate with a team of 12, mostly developers. The IT specialist has well known customers nationally like Harrods Bank, as well as Stonehouse neighbours Astra Tech and senior schools Stroud High and Archway.

'I  came to Jatech on work experience as a school boy from Marling School back in 2006, where Jatech's  MD had also been a pupil many years before. Jeff said he noted my keen intuitive programming abilities and responsive nature to guidance from the start.

Working at Jatech I found I was a natural for IT and firmly decided the world of computing was for me.  The team at Jatech encouraged me to identify a University place where I would develop my knowledge, abilities, obvious interest and enjoyment of the sector.'

All Jatech Directors are mid career graduates with first class degrees in maths and computing disciplines. They have worked across the IT spectrum and understand the benefits of top qualifications, practical experience and ongoing training for their workforce.

'Exam results allowed me to win a place to study Computer Science at University of the West of England (UWE). I have been back at Jatech for a year working as a junior member of the software development team.

Even in difficult trading conditions I believe my placement at Jatech has been excellent for all involved. I have been able to deliver real value to a number of Jatech clients and find work great under the leadership provided by the Jatech team, I learn new things every day.'

'Luke enjoys the challenging work and quickly learns what is needed while not being afraid to ask questions when he comes across difficulties. He now has direct experience of developing and maintaining internet retail sites, warehouse management systems and good use of several programming languages, improving and becoming more fluent all the time. Luke has even had a hand in the business' own site' Jeff MD said.

When Luke returns to Bristol's UWE for his fourth and final year, his experience at Jatech, first as a school boy and now junior software developer, will stand him in good stead.

Luke has the possibility of using Jatech client work in his final year project and returning back in the holidays to earn extra funds to reduce his education bills and augment and refresh his hands-on knowledge still further.