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We have just launched two exciting new websites.  Both sites have been developed using the incredibly flexible Umbraco Content Management System (CMS).

We use Umbraco as our CMS platform to design easy to use, highly adaptable websites with professional features such as content versioning, scheduled publishing, approvals processes and multi lingual support.

What are the benefits of Umbraco CMS?

Create your own content and keep it up to date yourself

Umbraco has been designed so that creating and editing content is as simple as possible for end users. Administrators grant permissions to end users ensuring they can only view and edit content assigned to them.

Maintain consistent, corporate branding and design throughout the site

All pages created in Umbraco are based on user-defined templates. Even with very large and advanced websites, end-users are presented with a user interface that's tailored specifically for them, ensuring that your corporate brand is consistent throughout.

Version control and roll back

Mistakes happen. Maybe some text was changed or maybe entire paragraphs were deleted. Umbraco stores every version of your content, including all the changes that have been made. If something is not right, Umbraco's roll back capability let's you quickly find the version you want, highlighting all the differences with the current page using an effective visual difference display. When you've found the right version, just click save and your site is instantly restored to the proper version.

For more details on how Umbraco can be used to power your existing website or if you would like to discuss developing a new site, contact our team on 01453 791909.