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Today we have launched our new look, responsive website which has been optimised for all platforms: PCs, mobile phones and tablets.


Use of mobile devices is growing rapidly with up to 45% of traffic now coming from phones and tablets. Rather than designing multiple sites for various different screen sizes, responsive sites intelligently scale according to the device they are being viewed from.

We've built our new site from the ground up, focusing on great user experience, reliability and reduced load times.

If you are viewing this site on a PC or Mac resize the page in your web browser to see how the site dynamically resizes to fit the screen, while still maintaining the same layout.


As part of your marketing strategy you should be planning for a fully responsive website to ensure that mobile and tablet visitors have the best possible experience on your website.


For more information about how mobile friendly, repsonsive websites can benefit your business, see our website section or get in touch with us.