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Blue Zebra is a 'Quote-to-Order' specialist that has worked closely with Jatech for over 5 years. Their lead software product 'Blueprint' is a product and sales configurator which enables businesses to quickly and easily create detailed, error free quotes with tailored documents and reports.

A tailored solution developed with Jatech's specialist software team was perfect for the complex quotes required by Eurotherm, a member of the Invensys Group of Companies, for their industrial customers and partners around the world.

Eurotherm adopted a phased programme for their software implementation, starting with a quoting system to empower their global sales teams to be self sufficient in quote generation. This was followed by an eCommerce facility for their Channel Partners, enabling them to create quotes and orders on-line.

The solution had to be flexible enough to cope with Eurotherm's substantial range of products, selling options and languages.  The system allows round the clock operation and independence for internal and external sales forces.