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Jatech, the Stonehouse based software developer and IT consultancy has recently recruited John McDonnell as New Business Manager.

John brings over 30 years of IT expertise with specialist knowledge in providing high quality software development, systems integration and technology based solutions to businesses worldwide.

Jatech Managing Director, Jeff Tyndall, is confident John's years of experience will generate more business across the UK as companies increasingly see the benefits of "onshoring" - sourcing software development in the UK rather than from abroad.

Jatech provides custom software development that helps organisations improve efficiency, cut costs and accelerate growth plans. The Jatech team also provide supporting specialist IT skill sets that may not be available in house as and when needed, controlling costs and outcomes. Jatech provides such support to a wide range of business and education users, with particular specialism in networking, virtualisation and storage technologies.

Jatech are also looking to recruit an apprentice computer programmer who has demonstrated a natural flare and ability in the field.