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Jatech the Gloucestershire based VMware virtualization provider announces that continued success in providing virtualization solutions has been recognised by VMware with Jatech being awarded Solution Provider Enterprise Level status.  VMware Solution Provider Enterprise level will enable Jatech to offer an even higher level of service to its customers that have invested in a virtual infrastructure.

Jatech specialise in providing VMware virtual infrastructures including virtualizing business critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange email servers and Microsoft SQL databases.

Jeff Tyndall, Managing Director, Jatech says "We have invested in our people to provide VMware virtual solutions and all of our VMware consultants are at VCP 5 Level (VMware Certified Professional) so as to provide the highest level of design, implementation and support to our customers.  Now that we are a VMware Enterprise level solution Provider this investment in our people is paying dividends as we engage with customers that have more complex virtualisation requirements than standard, such as virtualizing business critical applications or providing disaster recovery solutions or desktop virtualization."

About Jatech

Established in 1995, Jatech are a Gloucestershire, South West UK, VMware virtualization provider and a developer.  Jatech specialise in virtualising business critical applications with VMware vSphere and providing desktop virtualization solutions with VMware View.  Jatech develop custom functionality in using Apex and Visualforce Pages and SOQL.