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Kick Start Your VirtualiSation

Jatech are an accredited VMware Partner with VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs).

Find out how virtualization helps cut hardware, power, cooling and management costs.

VMware Enterprise Solution Provider

Gone is the traditional model of 'one server, one physical box'.  Virtualisation is a technology that enables you to run multiple virtual servers on a single physical server.  

For example you could you have your Exchange Server, your SQL Sever and a Sharepoint Server all on the same box.

Less physical servers require less power, less cooling and less management.

Server reduction also means lower long term capital costs - more budget can be invested on growing your business.

Top 5 reasons to virtualise with VMware

  • Get more out of your existing hardware by running multiple servers on a single physical box
  • Reduce server room costs by reducing the number of servers, reducing cooling and power requirements and management time
  • Increased availability of hardware and applications - you can migrate live servers between physical boxes while users are still connected
  • Improve your business continuity and disaster recovery systems
  • Centralised management of your entire infrastructure - reduced IT admin costs

Virtual machine backup and replication

Nakivo backup and replication

Ensuring your virtual machines are backed up correctly is crucial to your business

Nakivo provides the most intuitive, fast, reliable and affordable VM backup and replication solution for virtualised environments.

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 Jatech are the only authorised Nakivo Silver Partner in the UK