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No off-the-shelf software package is likely to match your requirements or business processes exactly.  You will have to pay the supplier to modify it for you (if they are willing) or you may have to change your business to suit the software.

We understand that business world requirements differ greatly between companies, therefore we write software to exactly match your needs.

Our consultants specialise in making full use of all the latest technologies available to them, utilising the tools best suited for each project. 


The applications we develop are primarily internet and intranet based which offer the following benefits:
  • Zero client deployment - the system is accessed via a web browser which means no more software installation for each user that requires access
  • Lower costs - save time by keeping a single copy of the software updated, rather than deploying software updates to each PC accessing the software
  • Security - runs from a secured webserver so YOU have control over the software
  • Remote accessibility - web based applications can be securely accessed over the internet (where appropriate) ensuring your staff can access vital company information remotely


Custom software offers many advantages over packaged software:
  • A solution to meet your exact business requirements
  • The software can grow and adapt in line with your business
  • Integration between previously unconnected systems
  • Projects can be delivered in phases to spread costs
  • Link your website to your backend systems to securely display data


For more information about our range of software services please contact us for advice.