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Designing a responsive website

The most important principle when designing a responsive site is to ensure that the browsing experience is the same for all users across all platforms.

When creating a responsive design you need to ensure that the site is flexible enough to deal with phone, tablets and PCs.  The site should be based on a fluid grid so that when the screen size changes the elements on the page re-order themselves accordingly.  

You also need to determine which elements on the page are crucial to your mobile visitors. For example, a moving slider looks great on a PC but do mobile users need to see it?  Generally responsive sites 'hide' most of the unwanted elements, leaving the mobile visitor with access to just the sections they are interested in.

Designing responsive websites

The Microsoft website is a great example of responsive design. The image below show that the site scales according to the screen size the visitor is using.


Example of responsive Microsoft website


If you require advice on redesigning your website to ensure it follows responsive design principles please contact us to discuss your requirements.